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Your business will never reach its full potential without a little bit of hard work and dedication. You will only get out of your business what you’re willing to put in. Don’t believe the Hype that FBA is “easy money”.
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SuperHero Sellers focuses on implementing creative strategies to push your profits higher! We believe that, in order to keep up with the innovation of the platform, we must adopt unique sourcing, prep, and shipping strategies to conform with the ever-changing machine that is FBA 


SuperHero Sellers teaches the most effective techniques for growing your Amazon FBA business. While we focus on FBA compliance, we teach you how to push the envelope to increase your profits.


Hello! I’m Chris

FBA Business Coach

Inventor, craftsman and entrepreneur, Chris Anderson is a self-starting, self-made businessman who has mastered the many avenues of modern selling platforms. After starting his first business at 13 – a landscaping and snow removal business in his native New Jersey, he began selling yard sale finds on eBay and caught the eCommerce bug. While he tried traditional retail and trade jobs, his heart was an entrepreneurial one, and he hasn’t looked back since.



We are always looking to educate, and collaborate with like-minded people and businesses. We have an array of courses and coachings to help you
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We are a proud member of the Fulfillment by Amazon community. My social media has a unique perspective to help you be a selling superhero!
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